Ready to Buy Your New Dream Home?


Making a real estate purchase is one of the biggest decisions and largest investments of your life, and with the right Realtor, it will also be one of the most exciting times of your life. A great agent will go above and beyond to help you throughout each step of the buying process, helping you make smart decisions along the way. Denise Greene has the experience that you need to guide you through every aspect of the process, ensuring that each day will leave you one step closer to becoming a happy home owner on closing day. Do you know what to expect during the buying process?

Selecting an Agent

One thing is for sure, you have come to the right place in your search for an agent, which is the first and most important step of the buying process. It is important to select an agent that is the right fit for you, being that the right real estate agent will make all the difference in a successful real estate transaction. Here you are making one of the biggest financial investments of your life, so you deserve a Realtor that is fully invested in you in return.

Knowledge of Neighborhoods & Marketplace

Clients often enter into the buying process with an idea of the general area they are interested in. However, after meeting with an agent, they discover other areas of interest that were overlooked simply due to a lack of knowledge.

Denise Greene possesses extensive knowledge of this area along with the multitude of information that accompanies each individual community, including local schools, parks and nearby attractions, and market comparisons of other homes in the area. Knowledge of the marketplace is imperative to making smart real estate decisions.

The Pre-Approval Process

Acquiring a pre-approval from a local lender or mortgage broker is one of the first thresholds that your Realtor is going to guide you through crossing, being that a pre-approval letter is basically your golden ticket to crossing the ultimate threshold into your potential new home. In order for any seller to seriously consider your offer, you must have a pre-approval letter that states the available amount of your loan. Denise is more than qualified to guide your through this process.

Finding a Home

This is the part of the home buying process in which your Realtor will combine their knowledge of your wants and needs with their extensive knowledge of the area, and play matchmaker. When you hire Denise Greene as your Realtor, she will make an investment in YOU – she will commit herself to learning about you and your lifestyle so that she can map out all the right stops in your search for the perfect home.

Once you find a home that feels like a potential fit, your Realtor will begin the necessary research of the “unseen” components of the property – property inspection reports, property disclosures, pest inspection reports, title reports and Homeowner’s Association information, just to name a few. Who knew there was so much research to be done?

Time to Make an Offer

So, you have found the home that you love and your Realtor is happy to report that the home’s “background check” has come back all clear – well, it’s time to make an offer! Denise Greene has an impressive background in financial analytics and can work with you to draft an appropriate offer. She will communicate with the listing agent ahead of time to be sure that your offer is not only a smart one, but also one that is compatible with the seller’s desires.

There are so many different components that go into making the right offer, such as comparable market analysis and being aware of outside parties who may also be interested in the same home. Your Realtor is your golden ticket to this inside information.

The Negotiation Process

The negotiation process of a real estate transaction is truly an art form and your Realtor is the master artist. Once an offer is made, the negotiation process begins and your offer can either be accepted, rejected or countered. In the event of counteroffers, this part of the process can become messy and confusing without the professional advice and assistance from an experienced real estate agent.

Closing Day

This is the day that the “deed is done” – literally and figuratively. The financial transaction is completed and the deed has been recorded in your name with the county. The moment when your Realtor hands over the keys to your new home is a euphoric moment not to be forgotten!

Hello, Happy Homeowner!

The time has come to enjoy your new home! Denise Greene is ready to work hard and guide you through the home buying process – her ultimate goal is to make you a happy homeowner and to have the pleasure of sharing in your joy and excitement on that lovely closing day!